2021 Tentative Recital Date June 12
Details Coming Soon

2019  Recital Date is June 15
Rehearsals on either June 12 or June 13 (off on June 14)
Recital split is posted in the studio lobby!

 Recital info (example)…

Recital 2019 – Legends & Icons
Location: Kutztown University- Schaeffer Auditorium
15200 Kutztown Road • Kutztown, PA 19530

Show 1: Saturday Afternoon, June 15th at 12:00 PM (Dress Rehearsal- Wednesday, June 12th at 5:00 PM)
Show 2: Saturday Evening, June 15th at 5:30 PM (Dress Rehearsal- Thursday, June 13th 5:00 PM)

RECITAL: The Recital Performance is an exciting conclusion, celebrating the hard work and accomplishments of our talented students. This will be their time to shine! Everyone at Juli Kell’s Dance Center, LLC works very hard to provide a positive learning environment for our students. Below is the information and guidelines to make the entire experience enjoyable for you, our instructors, our dancers, other family members and all audience members.

Theatre Etiquette

All cell phones, pagers and beepers must be turned off or silenced.

Snacks and drinks will be available at rehearsal and recital. No food or drink will be allowed in the auditorium or the Kids Room during the Rehearsal or during the Recital. Snack will be provided in the kids room

All students must wear a cover-up when entering and leaving the building and backstage area. Do not wear your costume in public areas. No eating in costumes.

Smoking is not permitted on school grounds.

The use of cameras and video cameras is prohibited during the recital. Our security personnel will escort anyone out who does not follow this rule. This is for the safety of the performers and courtesy of others in the audience.  Please feel free to take pictures and video at rehearsals only.

Please do not take photos in our dressing room areas.

Visiting the backstage area is prohibited unless you are called by one of our personnel. Students may not leave during performances. Please note that security personnel and backstage managers will have a list of authorized helpers. No one else will be permitted backstage unless wearing a special wristband.

No visitors in changing and waiting areas (only female guardians with a wristband will be permitted in girls area).

Applause is appreciated. Do not yell names or approach the stage at any time. Present flowers or gifts following the show. Remain seated during performances-If you must leave, do so between numbers.

Most importantly, enjoy the performance and compliment your dancer when the show is finished.

Dancer Preparation for Rehearsal and Recital: Dancers should arrive with make-up and their first costume on, wearing a cover-up and hair done according to directions given by instructors. No underwear needs to be worn under tights. Please be sure that all costumes, accessories, tights and shoes have your student’s name on them and are in a closed bag. Tights should be hole and tear-free. No finger or toe polish. Please leave all jewelry at home. Juli Kell’s Dance Center LLC will not be responsible for any lost or stolen items.

All dancers will participate in a Grand Finale number. Dancers will wear their last costume in which they perform in, for this special event. Practices for this number will take place during regular class times and at the beginning of dress rehearsal.  Students should report to the auditorium and will be called up onstage to rehearse the Finale upon arrival for rehearsal.  Students are to report to the changing/waiting area upon arrival for the recital. At least one adult will be with your child at all times.  Please talk to your children about exhibiting good behavior, following directions, and the importance of their role in a successful Recital.

NOTE: No student will be allowed to leave the pick-up area (changing/waiting area) without a Parent or Guardian who is wearing a wristband.

It has been our pleasure working with your children this year. Please help make this performance an evening to remember. Please be prepared, on time and performance ready.

Backstage Volunteers:
A volunteer sign up sheet will be posted soon, please let us know if you are interested!  The show cannot go on with out you!  You will receive a voucher toward 2019 Dance Registrations! We would like to thank all who decide to help with our 2018 Recital…without volunteers our mission would truly be impossible!

Flowers will be available to purchase at our Recital!

The Recital DVD order form will be available at the front desk soon.  Our recital video is being professionally produced by Video Theater.  DVD copies will be available at pre-order prices for friends and family. Payments will go directly to Video Theater and your DVD will be shipped directly to you.


▪ Recital Ticket Sale Begins- April 25th
Photo Week– Dress your child in their Recital costumes for class the week of APRIL 29TH.  A detailed photo schedule is posted in waiting areas and on the website. Order forms will be given out in your child’s class and available at the front desk. Parents will not be permitted in the photo area.In order for us to stay ON TIME please arrive early with photo forms completely filled out.  Cash or Check only- to Steve Pestrock

▪ If shoes and tights are still needed for photos or shows, they must be ordered now!

▪ Some Classes have the opportunity to perform in upcoming shows. Notes will be given to your Dancer and Show orders will be hanging in the lobby soon.
Relay For Life- May 18th 2:00 & Strawberry Festival- June 1st 1:30

▪ Spring Break- April 17th-April 23rd– (Classes Resume on Wed, April 24th)

Bring a Friend Week– May 13th-May 18th

▪ Studio will be closed for Memorial Day on Friday, May 24th– Monday, May 27th (Classes resume Tues, May 28th)

▪ Last day of classes will be June 8th

No regular classes the week of Recital due to Dress Rehearsals (Rehearsal days June 12 or 13- off on June 14).(All Recital tickets will be $15 after June 3rd)

▪ Register for our Summer Dance Classes and Camps. Forms available at front desk.

▪ Final tuition payment #10 is due on June 1st.  All tuition must be finalized before receiving tickets and performing in our recital.

▪ Do you know the password to our calendar of events? Ask us